Hey! We’re Chelsey and Pablo,

We’re a Kentucky girl and a Costa Rican guy who are doing our best to create an extraordinary life. Travel, yoga, good food and new experiences are just a few of the ways we’re making that happen.



Our Life (real time)

Right now, we’re:

  • LIVING in a perfectly tiny hut by a perfectly clear river, with no running water or electricity.
  • WORKING at a treehouse community in Costa Rica
  • DRIVING an ’87 Mitsubishi Montero named Buzz
  • EATING all-organic, vegetarian meals from the community greenhouse
  • TRAVELLING around the Osa Peninsula on the weekends, and the rest of Costa Rica when we have time!
  • PLANNING a wedding

We post about our life in the jungle and upcoming plans in real-time on Instagram and Facebook. Make sure to follow us to stay in touch! <3

We met….

in 2013 after a whirlwind whitewater kayaking accident brought Chelsey to Pablo’s families eco-hotel and hotsprings. Pablo was working the night of the accident, and one long conversation, an awkward phone call, and a surprise camping trip is how it all started!

We travel….

To be together. We grew up with a passion for the outdoors, a shared love of camping, exploring, and experiencing new sights/smells/places. Pablo’s the adrenaline junkie while Chelsey’s favorite things usually revolve around food, yoga, and animals (she’s down for some blood-pumping adventure as long as it’s not whitewater). Besides travelling to pursue our shared passions, we actually have to travel to be in our relationship! Visa’s – especially to the USA – are a tricky thing.

We write….

To share our world – of travel, new experiences, and our favorite “hidden gems” along the way. We write becasue we believe in travel. If we inspire even one person to get out into the world with a more open mind….we’ve done our job! We’re not shy either; if you have a burning question about travel – whether it be a short-term vacation or a permanent move abroad…shoot us an email. We might even write a whole blog post about it 🙂

Pssst….Why Taproot?

A “Taproot” is the central, deepest root in a plant and it’s the one that all other roots shoot out from. To us, that’s a metaphor for an incredible trip; one that never ends when the actual journey does; it’s something that keeps growing and giving as long as you live.

We want to create a space where even those who can’t travel full time can come to “learn something new every day” or just escape the rush of daily life to see how beautiful this world is. We hope to provide a corner on the internet where fellow travelers, wanderlusters, and adventurers-at-heart can create their own adventures and share a few of ours along the way.